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Dec. 20th, 2008

my boy

Do you think heidi going to kick my butt for being gone so long hahaha

my boy


Oh man, i havent been back here in decades, lol but am back before christmas :D

Dec. 14th, 2007

my boy

Life's False Cloak

It all seems like a dream, slowing drifting back and forth through this life's stream but we know something is wrong, something is not ok but everyone says why are you complaining, theres nothing to fear, "haha" how funny they sound as they look at me with that everyday stare, we we close our eyes and try to look away but our minds eye is open, almost going astray, they make us think everything is innocent and so at ease, the lies upon lies, the heartbreak and deceived, people that are afraid, people that scream, people that want to let it all go into life's false dream, so I tell you now what will it be, will you let yourself be fooled by what you see, don't  be deceived with wondering concern, throw off life's false cloak, you have so much to learn. 

Nov. 23rd, 2007

my boy


WOW WOW WOW, i haven't been here in decades now........hahahaha!!!!! its crazy, but now am back and better than ever....................

Jul. 21st, 2007

my boy

Clouded Thoughts

there are thoughts that run through or minds,thoughts of past that we can't let go and thoughts of desires that we were afraid to show,we wanted to give in to our weakness and fear,without realizing the strenght we had but didn't care,we never pushed through,always giving in,why couldn't we try harder so we could win,even in our thoughts of present we tried,looking for something in our guilty pride,the eyes of them that look at us with a cold glare,they pretend to like us but don't care,future thoughts,the most clouded of them all,cause we never know what may happen,will we rise or fall,these thoughts that cloud our mind and grip our soul,has reached a point of conclusion to more thoughts untolded

Jul. 15th, 2007

my boy


Man its been to long or to short,i can't tell sometimes hehe, but its back to classes now,booooooooo!!! My trip to my hometown was a good one,short but good.
As many may know my birthday has gone by,{{{{{Thanks for the happy birthday shoutout heedoz}}}}} but its feels good to be back.
Am pumped and rearing to give out 100% now, its great to be alive HELLO EVERYONE AT LJ, LOVE YA ALL.    BYE!!!

Jun. 9th, 2007

my boy

shine bright

looking from afar,to the bright distant stars,i feel the yearn as my seeking soul starts to burn,yes it burns with the desire to successed,till it overwhelms me and brings me to my knees,but my mind races with a thousand questions that point me in so many directions,some i love,some i hate,some that leave my heart open to debate,i ask the stars why  does your greatness resided so high in the deep night sky,while i who was so low with a dim soft glow,i hate it, this despair that clouds the stars in the sky and my reasons why,but when the clouds of despair start to fade,the stars shine brighter than ever before,showing me that through dark and shrouded times,i can still shine bright at any time.

Apr. 11th, 2007

my boy

Guess who's back?

Well its been awhile,but am back.Hehehe i think i was enjoying myself to much and pretty much neglected everything.But back to business,i got some more poems from random people with thought and stuff.

Anger Issues
Employee Tissues

Anger anger anger
isn't it something we all share
weather its you or me ,its all just fair
anger wakes us up with the greatest luck
even though we hate getting up for work,
we still have to earn that buck
And just when it all seems a piece of cake,
anger slaps us in the face and never gives
us a break, the traffic the cars the blowing horns
all makes your blood boil with a irrated scorn,
boy oh boy when you think your in the clear,
there he is, anger boss already in your hair
do this do that, man he's no fun, what I wouldn't
do to kick him in the bum
Just when the day is done and you've spent
your quirks, oh god its already morning
I have to get to work

Drifting Apart

As I hold you in my warm embrace
I looked at the gentle expression on
your loving face ,a face that gaze's
back at me with eye's so pure ,my
heart pounds like a distant roar,
Our love that bloomed like a beautiful
red rose in spring slowly shows it thorns
and the sorrow it brings, the circumstances
that keep us apart, starts to tear away
at our aching hearts, we hoped this
feeling would last forever is what we
wished for, but our love is drifting away
more and more, bittersweet as this
feeling was meant to be ,slowly breaks
apart, never again to live in our hearts


Lost in a land of fantasy with all the things
that are important to me, this place I call
home, this place I want to stay, hidden from
the world's harsh and realistic ways
Yes, in this place that I keep where I always
visit when am soundly asleep, a place I am
safe, a place to call home, a place of
comforting when I feel cold and alone
In my place i can do anything cause I am
free, not bound by this world's reality, no
shyness no fear, my boldness and strength
all lie here, but I know I can't stay here
forever cause reality at its peak, time to

Mar. 15th, 2007

my boy

Essays and more essays

essays essays everywhere you look
they always catch you like a fish on a hook
you try to figure out what their all about,
but part of you doesn't care if your words aren't
there,the other part wonders with a look
of amazed,thinking to itself,can i write all these
words before my mind goes into a daze
500 words 900 words is what everyone wants to see,
why won't you leave me alone as i endure this misery
my mind wants to break as my hand
starts to ache,its feels like there's no way out
from this essays bottomless drought
as am about to give in,i catch a writers second
wind,and with a big grin on my face the
words start fitting into place,without notice i finally finish,
its over over haha am so out of here now,
off to lay out and stuff myself with snack,not
thinking about anything,on my couch
so relaxed

Mar. 9th, 2007

my boy

good times and bad times

there are times that were filled with happiness
the times that warm our hearts,the times that seem
so nice,like a spring breeze,as its fragrance that
blows through the leaves on all the trees
there are times filled with sadness,times that feel
like there's no hope,times that have us bound,with
its cold and lonely rope,there are times that give
us questions,yes questions that we fear,for once
we learn these answer,can we truly bare
there are times we are stuck in between,looking at
life from a two way screen,as we look at the good
times and the bad times,we try to figure out why
is it like this and what's it all about
but once we take a closer look,we start to understand
how these good times and bad times are a part of
life's greater plan,they give us joy,they give
us pain,a steady balance that even's everything
so,look at your good times and bad times as one,for
we all share these times under the shining sun
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